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Postnatal Massage

Postnatal Massage

images (7)Postnatal massage helps the new mom adjust to the physical and emotional demands of caring for a new baby while helping to bring her body back to its pre-pregnancy shape.

With our special orthopedic support system, new mothers can lay comfortably on their tummies without putting pressure on tender, swollen breasts or c-section sites.
This restorative massage is like getting a full night’s sleep in one hour while alleviating the common aches and pains associated with breastfeeding and newborn care postures.

All of our massage sessions come with complimentary aromatherapy oils which are custom blended for each individual client.

Let it be “all about you” for an hour again.

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Price list

45-min postnatal massage: $95 + tax
60-min postnatal massage: $120 + tax
75-min postnatal massage : $145  + tax
90-min postnatal massage: $170  + tax

Enhance your session with pure therapeutic grade essential oils $15.

Add one or more of our 10-minute spa add-on’s for an additional $25 each. Choose from our peppermint foot treatment, mini facial or our Stretch-mark Minimizing Treatment.

Package discounts are available to help facilitate your goals. Whether you require multiple sessions to work through an acute issue, prevent a chronic condition from progressing, or maintain your general wellness over time. Click here to learn more about available package discounts and wellness plans.