204 2nd Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030


Mollie Bollers, CMT, CIMI

5x7_7019Mollie Bollers, founder of Hoboken Women's Wellness, is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, and Doula.

Mollie fell in love with prenatal massage after the birth of her first daughter in 2004. Already a massage therapist at that point, she decided to devote her practice to pregnant women, new mothers and babies. "Something would well up inside me when I'd think about women receiving compassionate care during this vulnerable time. I wanted to create a safe place for women to take time to be present to the changes they were going through."

Besides the outstanding services and products she offers to local Hobokenites -and some who travel from as far as Connecticut to experience her sensitive nurturing touch, Mollie's dedication to pregnant women and infants can be seen through her numerous community and volunteer activities.

Through her partnership with the Hudson Perinatal Consortium, Mollie offers free pre and postnatal massage to low-income women in Jersey City, both in her private studio and on-site at clinics including Horizon Health Center.

Mollie also volunteers at Hoboken University Medical Center where she provides free chair massage to the nursing staff of the labor and delivery unit. Her thinking is that if the nurses are in good spirits they will be better able to provide caring, compassionate support for the laboring women on their floor.

Mollie completed her massage training and certification at the Institute for Therapeutic Massage In Pompton Lakes, NJ. She went on to study Prenatal Massage with Elaine Stillerman, author of Mother Massage, Massage During Pregnancy, and The Encyclopedia of Bodywork. Mollie received her infant Massage Training and Certification from Diana Moore, Founder of the International Loving Touch Foundation, an organization dedicated to fostering positive touch and parental love for infants and children around the world.

When she's not with a client, or thinking up ways to serve them better, Mollie is enjoying quality time with her own family. Mollie is mother to Minerva (Mina), and Gwenevere (Gwenie).