Rolfing® Structural Integration

Paul WirthRolfing® Structural Integration is hands-on bodywork that builds lasting improvements in posture, efficiency, and ease of movement. It’s named for its founder, Dr. Ida P. Rolf.

Chronic tension, pain, weakness, and degeneration are the inevitable results of disorder in the structural relationships of the body. Dr. Rolf recognized that the body will quickly revert back to a disordered pattern unless the body has the structural support it needs to release areas that have been continually under strain.

Certified Rolfer™ Paul Wirth has practiced Rolfing Structural Integration since 2003, and was trained to work in a way that defies the stereotype of Rolfing as a very painful process. Instead, experience bears out that powerful work can be accomplished even more effectively when the body experiences contact as comfortable and safe. To this end, Paul incorporates principles from Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in Rolfing sessions.

Rolfing works over a series of sessions to reorganize myofascial and neural patterns that shape your body. A typical session starts and ends with a short assessment of your movement and posture. Most of the session takes place on the table as we work with relevant restrictions and tissue patterns. Contact is generally slow, clear, and precise. As the work progresses, clients often experience a sense of the body decompressing and changing shape in a way that makes instinctive sense.

For any change to last, it needs to be linked to the functioning of the whole body. We’ll use movement and perceptual cues to help your body integrate what’s changed in each session. This way, as you take the work into your everyday life, new ways of moving feel clear, natural, and easy.

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