Reiki & Energy Work

Reiki is a form of subtle energy work where the therapist serves as a conduit for pure healing energy. During a Reiki session the therapist will assess and balance the clients chakras, clear away unnecessary or harmful blockages, and bolster up the clients own energy field. Clients receiving Reiki treatments often report entering  a deep trance-like state of relaxation.

Reiki can be performed as part of a massage or on its own. Occasionally while performing a Reiki treatment a practitioner will receive some pertinent information that may be helpful to the client. While we prefer to work in person, if necessary Reiki can be performed remotely as well.

Reiki Sessions with Ashley Dager can be booked online or by phone (201) 420-6988

To Schedule a Reiki or Integrative Energy Work Session with Dr. Diana Chacon you may call (201) 238-9748

Reiki Session Prices:

45-min reiki session: $95images (8)
60-min reiki session: $120
75-min reiki session: $145
90-reiki session: $170

Package discounts and payment plans are available for clients whose treatment goals span multiple sessions.