Private courses and coaching

As a trained birth Doula with over five years of experience, having attended over 50 births and coaching hundreds of women and couples prenatally, Mollie Bollers is available to help expecting parents navigate the landscape of birth choices, for the best chances at outcomes that matter to individuals personally.

Many expecting couples intuitively sense that the birth of their child is a deeply meaningful event. This intuition will be confirmed  based on scientific research from a number of fields and perspectives.

There is a great deal more to a well baby than is accounted for in the medical model. Couples will gain valuable insight into aspects of the birth experience that carry a profound, lasting impact on each participant; mother, father & baby, in a number of ways including: physiologic, emotional, psychological, social, and material.

Expecting parents will be given tools and distinctions which will enable them to influence the course of their care, to be in step with their values and beliefs, if it resonates with them to do so.

In this non-traditional birth preparation course couples will learn about:

  • Appropriate authorityWho is the authority over what and why.
  • Impact of the birth experiencePhysiologic, emotional, psychological, social, and material.
  • External forces at playCultural, economic and interpersonal.
  • Stages of laborWhat does normal look like?
  • Standard interventionsMedical rational and risk-to-risk comparisons.
  • High-leverage decisionsIdentifying choices that have a significant impact on outcomes.
  • Communication with care providers, family, and friends – Cooperation and individuation.
  • Comfort measuresKnowing and meeting the needs of the laboring woman.
  • Newborn care Identifying choices that support the needs and preferences of the new family immediately following the birth.
  • Postpartum careIdentifying and meeting the needs of the recovering mother.
  • Breastfeeding information & supportStrategies to support your goals and preferences.
  • Community resourcesConnecting the new family with the supportive resources of the community. 

This private course is given in three 2-hour sessions available to be scheduled by appointment. The total cost for the course is $510. Additional coaching may be scheduled as needed at the rate of $85 /hr. For more information or to schedule your private birth preparation course call (201) 420-6988.