Massage & Movement  for Labor

Learn a variety of hands-on techniques to help you feel more comfortable during labor.

Whether your goal is a natural birth or you simply wish to wait until active labor before getting an epidural, having non-pharmacological ways to ease the intense sensations of labor at your disposal can be shutterstock_98113448very helpful. Even if your preference is to get an epidural as soon as possible, an anesthesiologist may not be available right away. There are also times when epidural anesthesia works only partially and in rare cases not at all.  It may be helpful to have natural alternatives to cope with the intense sensations of labor until medication becomes available or as a back-up.

In this hands-on instructional session birth partners will learn a variety of movements, positions, and manual applications to ease the pain of contractions, and help partners renew and preserve their energy for the long haul of labor.

120-Min session…………………..$160