Therapeutic Massage

iStoc5979229Medium Our knowledgeable, caring, skilled practitioners bring exquisite presence and dedication to every therapeutic session. We understand the physiology of soft tissue dysfunction and possess advanced methods of assessing and treating each client’s specific condition; including Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, PNF and more.

Our unique approach to bodywork allows our practitioners to work as firmly as needed while maintaining client comfort and relaxation at all times.  Clients describe our applications as accurate, adequate, relieving and soothing;  never painful yet highly effective.

Whether you’re goal is to manage an old injury, mitigate the effects of occupational stress, or to correct an acute spasm we will place our expertise in the service of your goals and preferences.

Give us a call If you’d like to experience what you’ve always suspected bodywork to be capable of. Click here to reserve your session or call (201) 420-6988 for more information.

Price list:

45-min therapeutic massage: $95 + tax
60-min therapeutic massage: $120 + tax
75-min therapeutic massage: $145 + tax
90-min therapeutic massage: $170 + tax

Enhance your session with pure therapeutic grade essential oils $15.

Add one or more of our 10-minute spa add-on’s for an additional $25 each. Choose from our Eucalyptus Scalp & Sinus Acupressure Treatment, Peppermint Foot treatment or, Mini Facial.

Package discounts are available to help facilitate your goals. Whether you require multiple sessions to work through an acute issue, prevent a chronic condition from progressing, or maintain your general wellness over time. Click here to learn more about available package discounts and wellness plans.