Labor Induction Acupressure Massage

A combination of acupressure, manual therapy and essential oils to encourage the timely onset and efficient progress of labor. Structural and energetic imbalances that might impede the normal start of labor are addressed while also providing nourishing support and a gentle push to get things going.

Nothing sweeter than holding your new baby!

From 37 to 38 Weeks a balancing approach is taken. From 39 to 41 labor promoting acupressure points and essential oils are layered in with the balancing work. A few take-home items including a 2 Oz of our Induction EO Blend and prepositioned Acu-Dots continue to provide support after the session.

1 to 3 sessions may be recommended depending on the individual’s condition which will be assessed by the therapist during the session. The experience is that of a relaxing therapeutic massage where pressure points are held intermittently throughout the session. Under optimal conditions labor can be expected to start within 48 hours of treatment.

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