Paul Wirth

Paul Wirth2Since completing his training at The Rolf Institute in 2003, Paul Wirth has worked with a wide range of clients to achieve more with their bodies and recover from injury, overuse, and trauma.

Paul serves both male and female clients at Hoboken Women’s Wellness with Rolfing® Structural Integration and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. Female clients may find Rolfing and Craniosacral particularly helpful in support of the structural changes that come with pregnancy and birth, and that continue with the physical demands of caring for young children.

As a practitioner, Paul is interested in how subtle movement patterns and perception can powerfully shape structural relationships in the body. He incorporates methods of working that harness the body’s innate responsiveness and intelligence to create precise structural change. This results in an experience that is more comfortable and often longer-lasting than when change is forced on the body.

In his first experiences as a Rolfing client, Paul found relief from a chronic ankle injury and the ever-increasing strain and body compensation it had been producing. Rolfing provided him with a new quality of balance and ease in movement that he hadn’t known before. He was attracted to the way the work felt like both a science and an art: a hands-on craft that gave him deep, precise shifts toward a new way of moving in the world and experiencing himself.

Since his initial training as a Rolfer, Paul continues to explore methods and modalities that support whole-body organization and healing, with a particular focus in recent years on Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. In 2014, after 10 years of practice in Salt Lake City, UT, he moved East to begin practicing in New Jersey and New York.

Paul is grateful to have a profession that provides him with a way to continuously learn, practice and engage with people.

To email Paul or to learn more about him and his practice, visit his website, or call him at 212–729–1808.

To book an appointment with Paul, visit his scheduling page.