headshotCaroline Strassberg

With a background in child and family therapy, addictions counseling and teaching yoga, Caroline came to acupuncture because she wanted to help people feel well physically and mentally.  Caroline graduated with high honors from the Classical Chinese Medicine program at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR.  Since graduating she has continued to study and apprentice under her teacher Dr. Edward Neal.

Caroline practices Classical Acupuncture, which is medicine based on theories originating in the Warring States Period and early Han dynasty of China in approximately 200 BCE – 200 AD. This way of practice involves more thorough diagnostic techniques and more complex treatment strategies than Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM], which is the curriculum taught at most Chinese Medicine colleges.

During her time as a patient and later as a practitioner, she saw that Chinese medicine was capable of giving people relief and promoting health; curing both mild and severe disease without any side effects. Often patients healed in much more profound ways than what had originally brought them into treatment. Witnessing the miraculous healing capacity of the body as it responds to acupuncture continues to inspire Caroline in her practice.

Caroline is also the Director of Operations for the Xinglin Institute, a multi-disciplinary research and educational institute dedicated to the study of early Chinese medical texts with
 the express purpose of identifying classical treatment strategies that can be used to address a variety of global healthcare challenges.

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